Welcome to Amateur Astronomers’ Association (Bombay).

A galaxy

Our AAA (Bombay), born in ’77 is revived again with enthusiasm and passion after a long slumber in the "International Year for Astronomy IYA-2009" to reach new heights. AAA (Bombay) activities have again formally begun at Department of Physics, St Xavier’s College from June 1, 2009.

AAA (Bombay) is committed to the dissemination of knowledge of astronomy amongst interested individuals, and to introduce young students to the subject. The present committee will endeavor to revive their activities with a range of programmes including lectures, workshops and field trips.

We place on record our sincere thanks and continuing support of all who were instrumental in whatever manner for reviving our Association.

When we’re not looking to the heavens, we often meet up at the Department of Physics, St Xavier's College to talk about our recent adventures.